Michael Conroy

Hi, my name is Michael Conroy.  I have been sober for over 18 years and my passion is to share the gift of sobriety with the world.  My mission is to provide compassion and empathy to those who are struggling to overcome addiction.  I believe that a caring voice can be the difference between successful living or, falling into a black hole.  

Action is the key to beating addition and when we do it together, we can move mountains!  

If you've tried so many times but you feel like the addiction's just got you beat - give us a call.... 

and passion to share these processes and gifts with others so they too can transform and heal into the beautiful soul they were destined to be.

I am credentialed and compassionate.  I've helped many people.  I can help you too.

Mona's therapeutic training style is based on Dr. Carl Rogers client centered approach and Dr. Gabor Mate's attachment theory.  She believes in holistic treatment dealing with the health of the brain, the body, and the spirit in totality.  Mona's therapeutic approach is focused in the areas of Identity, Trauma, and Addiction through deep inner-healing work with her clients.

Her unique ability to connect with her clients has established her role as an instrument of healing in the rhythm of their recovery journey.

Toni Andra

Hello, I am Toni Andra and my passion is to serve and assist individuals in finding ways to their authentic self.   I am a registered nurse of 15 years with a strong background in health and wellness.  Since my recent move to sunny California almost 3 years ago, I have been able to face my inner demons and transform into an awakened woman of light.  I have found processes that have taught me strength and given me the ability to overcome stumbling blocks that have held me back from reaching my full potential.  As I have healed and grown into my authentic self, it is my purpose

Mona Beaulieu

Originally born and raised in Massachusetts, Mona was the pioneer of her family and moved to SoCal over twenty years ago.  Mona's life experience equipped her with a deep understanding of the world of addiction.  She began a career in the health & fitness industry traveling both nationally and internationally helping people optimize their fitness goals, serving a vast clientele including professional athletes, actors, and producers in the film industry. Her work evolves in Mind, Body, and Spirit and led her to continue her education to become a CCAPP (formerly CAADAC) addition specialist treating drug, alcohol and co-occurring disorders.